25 Days of Christmas – December Magic

December 4, 2017

Isn’t December such a magical month? I love seeing people sharing in the spirit of Christmas and opening their hearts. It’s fun to go see the homes lit up with colorful lights, taking children to see Santa and go on sleigh rides! I love it all so much! Enjoy all the magic that comes along with this blessed holiday season.

Wishing each of you the merriest of Christmas and love!

25 Days of Christmas – Peace and Joy

December 3, 2017

Ok, did you do it yet?! Did you get your tree out or lug home a fresh one and decorate it?! Me?! Absolutely! I wrapped presents, hung lights, polished off the final touches on the tree and shocking as it is, I even cooked a roast! (Go ahead, laugh! I know it’s shocking!).

I love this holiday season. All the merry spirit and happy people… bring on the hot toddies and celebrate the kindness that’s oozing in the air!

Happy holidays and merry Christmas to each of you!

25 Days of Christmas on Instagram

November 29, 2017

Oh my holy Christmas! I love, love, looooove this time of year! I’ve been creating some beautiful and inspirational Christmas posts for Instagram – who doesn’t love festive quotes and moodlifting posts this time of year, right? So come join me on Instagram and get your daily fix of holiday inspiration starting December 1st. I’m looking forward to sharing some “Christmas happy” with “y’all!” (Practicing my new Texan accent for the big move to Dallas!).

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