Girls and Their Horses

April 30, 2018

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I thought I’d share one of my favorite photographs of Sophia and I. Our horses have brought so much joy to our lives. We take jumping lessons together and enjoy being at the barn with our friends. I rescued, rehabbed and rehomed this Thoroughbred that my daughter is with here. My pretty little Sophia now has a dark bay Morgan named “Little Miss Gracie” and this is my very big and beautiful heart horse, Handsome Hal. Love, love, love.

Now that Sophia is jumping, she likes to tell me all the things that I need to improve upon… and she’s only eight years old! You have to love the enthusiasm!

Update: Sadly, we lost Handsome Hal suddenly while he was boarded in North St. Augustine, Florida. His body was taken away without authorization with refusal to tell us where he was buried or disposed of. It was heartbreaking and unethical. We hold memories of our beautiful horse deep in our hearts.



A Horse Lover’s Morning with the Morgans

July 10, 2017

Meet the Morgans! Beauty, grace and curiosity. From left to right, there’s Gracie, Chessa and Tori. Each different yet share the same warm hearts. This morning was no exception. Love was all around!

Gracie is my daughter’s horse. I rescued her from a kill pen in Pennsylvania and had her shipped to me in Florida. She had been an Amish buggy horse. Today, she’s a cute little jumper and loved by my sweet little eight year old.

Chessa is a filly owned by my dear friend, Barb in Ocala who works with her faithfully. She’s going to be such a great horse with all that she is learning!

Tori is a queen to me. She’s like royalty with the way she moves and communicates with her herd.

Do you have horses? I’d love to hear from you!

New Beginning for Lucca

January 14, 2017

Big news to share today. My rare dapple gray Morgan mare is headed off to a dressage training barn to do something exciting and wonderful! She is going to pick up where she left off in her training level dressage.

Lucca is the most interesting and intuitive horse I’ve ever owned. She’s got so much personality and spunk just like her new owner!

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