Ideas to Get Kids Outside and Having Fun

Playing outside gets kids in better physical shape, healthier, and forces them to use their imaginations under the big blue sky rather than in front of a screen like some techie gamer.

Here’s some great ideas to get kids outside and having fun:

  • soccer
  • fly kites
  • blow bubbles
  • explore the woods
  • treasure hunt
  • go to a playground
  • draw a make believe town with sidewalk chalk
  • go to a swimming pool, beach or lake
  • play pirates, or make a pretend fort
  • go jogging
  • pick some flowers and create a fairy garden
  • ride bikes
  • wash the car
  • rake the yard
  • water balloon fight (yeah!)
  • squirt gun fight
  • play tag
  • throw ball with the dog
  • hide-n-seek
  • obstacle course race
  • scavenger hunt
  • just go for a walk, and talk
  • walk to a store for a treat

There are thousands of other things to do. Coming up with ideas can be a game in itself. If you need more ideas, there’s always Pinterest!